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National Geographic 2010 photo contest

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Joe Frickin' Friday

I have a PHD camera ("Push Here, Dummy"), but I do appreciate good photography. There are some very interesting, dramatic and profound shots to be seen here.




For me, #14 underscores the savage hardship of being a wild animal, facing the wrath of an assailant that is literally red in tooth and claw; there's something to be said for the uniquely human rule of law and having your day in court, where cool heads can rationally discuss what has happened and what should happen.


#46 is moving. The reality and meaning of it (as opposed to the empty and airbrushed perfection of a typical newsstand fashion magazine) is refreshing.


#47 reminds me of a scene from the movie Titanic. The scene was of the ship, half-submerged, viewed from a mile away, firing a signal flare into the air. The distant viewpoint showed an endless ocean, making the massive ship seem vanishingly small and insignificant, in much the same way as the storm cloud did in this shot.

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They're all amazing. Thanks.


My favorites:


#2 of the supercell. In the end nature wins.


#6 The view below the waves shows just how much is going on below the surface, which applies to just about everything.


#29 Just a great shot.


#33 The photographer calls the monastery "a touch of heaven", and you can almost feel the peace. I always think..."why this spot, and how did they choose it."

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Picture #19 is amazing, imagine focusing on that bird's eye like that with such a narrow depth of field. Even the bird's beak is out of focus!


#22 reminds me of the "Eye of Sauron" from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy of films.


#35 is a fantastic photo from a photographic perspective. The colors and tones are amazing. I'm not crazy for the subject of cock fighting, but whatever.


#40 I really like this one, too. Muted colors really bring the mood of the place.

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Bookmarked the page Mitch, because it's so inspiring to my photographic eye.


Thanks. :thumbsup:


Oh. Number two. It's on par with what I hope to shoot.

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