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Stalling When Cold

Retired At LAst

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Retired At LAst

I have a 1995 K75 that stalls when stopped at a light but only when the bike is cold. After full warm-up, maybe 5-10 minutes, no stalling.


I replaced the fuel filter, the gas filter, the plugs , seafoam for the injectors.


If I leave the fast idle switch on full no problem, but I guess that just masks the problem..

Any ideas?

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Dennis Andress

I had a 91 K100 RS that ran a whole lot better after I replaced the water temp sensor. There's not much information available about what resistance these things should have. I've just made it a habit to replace them at about the 10 year point. The same goes for the O2 sensor, though I replace them around five years.


You could take the tank off and one-by-one open every electrical connector and then spray it with contact cleaner. Sounds too simple to be true, but it made a difference on every K100 I owned. Newer bikes have connectors with better sealing.

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