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FD Torque(s)


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Well, with 76K on the clock my 04 RT has developed a noticeable "wiggle in it's walk". The FD bearing began to fail on my return from my Christmas trip to the Keys. I was fortunate to catch it before it totally grenade'd, but it's my turn. DAMN'IT.


I was lucky to catch it early. Did the Keys and didn't get stranded. HO HO Ho! It never even leaked fluid, but the bearing is most definitely shot. At first, I hoped the bushing upgrade had failed. After finally draining & checking the FD drain plug the "little shiny chunks" left no doubt.


Actually, I'm comfortable with doing this repair myself. Parts on order and will arrive on the 1st. I have all the necessary tools, gauges,micro' etc. The only uncertainty I have is the torque value going back of the (8) bolts of the FD cover bolts. My Clymer's states a torque value of 105 Nm or 77 ft.lb.


I'm aware that the Clymer manual has been known to have issues with certain torque spec'. Is the 77 ft. lb spec correct for these bolts? Also, I plan to use a lite grade of Loctite on assembly. Yes/No?


I'd appreciate any input from those who have been down this road.








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I believe you are asking about the bolts for the "housing cover"

as BMW calls it. BMW specs these at 35nm.


I personally see no problem using lite grade Locktite. Others will likely disagree.


Regards, Ron C.

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Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, those are the bolts and looking back at the Clymer manual you are correct. I guess I looked at the wrong value when I was typing my question.


The hardest part of the repair looks to be the part in determining pre-load of the bearing. Following the example outlined in that online video seems to be the acknowledged best method to arrive at that. The actual rebuild is straightforward and similar to some automotive repairs I've made in the past.


Thanks Again

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