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J&M Audio - Bluetooth headsets and hub - Any experience?


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I know there are allot of threads here on Bluetooth headsets and the Sena seems to be a winner. Maybe I’ve missed it but I did not find very much on the J&M headsets in a search and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with the J&M Bluetooth headsets and dongle/hub combination.


I’m considering the following for 2010 R1200RT and I want to be able to have full intercom and interface with both a Garmin Zumo 660 and the BMW OEM stereo system to start with. If I’m happy with that I may also interface a cell phone via the Garmin or directly to the helmet and add bike to bike communication.


HS-EBLU629EDRI-N103 (Elite Integrated Bluetooth Headset for Nolan® N103 Helmet) for my Nolan N-103



HS-EBLU629EDR-FL (Elite Bluetooth Headset for Most Flip-Front Style Helmets) for a Shoei Multitech



JBLU-BHDG05 (Blu<>Hub® Dongle05 with JMAHP Software Profile)



I’ve also been told that a BMW specific Bluetooth dongle is in the works, so I will probably wait for that before ordering the hub.

Any feedback from your experience with these products is appreciated.




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No experience on it. J&M's policy on Bluetooth returns scares me. Maybe the other mfg's are the same. Until they can describe in detail how connections can be accomplished between mfg's stuff I'm wired.

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I am pending a sale on a RT with radio when they get the Bluetooth issue worked out. The dealer was able to pair the J&M Bluetooth dongle with their Demo 2011 RT twice but not a seamless connection. You should only have to pair once. At first the dealer thought my Bluetooth was at fault but when they tried to pair their Scala 2, it failed also on three different bikes. They have since placed a call to BMW whereby a BMW rep came out but to no avail with an answer for a fix. The GPS is hardwired to the radio system. Your phone should be paired to the Garmin first, then the the J&M dongle to the RT Bluetooth. I am presently using my J&M with an ipod Touch in my pocket, works great if you only pair with one device. So far I have paired with my Blackberry Storm, IPOD touch, and Garmin GPS but only one at a time. I am calling the dealer every week on the issue. I wonder if the K1600GTL will have similiar issue.

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