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ABS Modulator partial vs full integral


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I must replace my 1150RT fully integral ABS Modulator, part # 34 517685787. Has anyone used the partial integral as a replacement, part # 34 517685789. Same year but generally found on a 1150RTP. My bike is a 2002. Of couse I would be partial modulated. Thats no big deal if it will exchange without other modifications.


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FYI - I checked the parts fiche and all the hardware from the ABS controller out to the calipers is the same :thumbsup:. The only issue MAY be the wiring/connector as there are two different harnesses for the regular and authorities. Much of this is to do with the accessories but I am not sure with regard to the ABS controller wiring. Perhaps one of our electrickery genii can assist :thumbsup:


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I spoke with a forum member two summers ago about this very issue. As I understood him, it was simply plug and play going from full to partial modulators.


He did mention that finding a partial modulator is pricey as a lot of folks want them.

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