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Duluth Trading Co.


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Has anybody had any ordering experience with this company? I received their catalog in the mail today and it has, I think some interesting stuff. Downside is most of the merchandise is hand drawn instead of true pictures which makes it hard to decide if you really like it or not.





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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Picked up a hat and shirt from them a few years back. Good quality. They do have some neat stuff that I want but just don't need and, even worse, can't find a credible way to need.

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I get most of my work shirts from them. I think it is pretty good quality, (quite a few of their items I have been wearing for 4 or 5 years). I also like their sweatshirts for around the house working. The first time I ordered from them, I was hesitant; I like to try clothes on before I purchase. But I was able to return anything that did not fit. So overall very satisfied, I make an order every year.

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I have ordered stuff from them a few times. My Dad turned me on to them a few years ago. They are a great source of good quality tough outdoor clothing. None of it is very flashy, but its good quality and very durable. Recently, I have bought a hand full of pocketed t-shirts from them because I like the extra length they offer. Nothing worse than bending over and everyone seeing your ( ! ). My Dad has been ordering from them for years. He loves their flannel lined "fire hose" pants. Damn things are almost indestructible, and are great for working outside in the winter. They are too hot for me 99% of the time, but I really like them for doing things like changing the oil or splitting firewood in the middle of January.


Their customer reviews are usually pretty telling of what you are getting. We have never had any issues ordering from them. I would give them :thumbsup::thumbsup:


The other place I like to shop is sierratradingpost.com

I have received some absolutely smoking deals from them over the years. I have used them for most of my camping, traveling, and snowboarding/skiing gear. In fact, I just bought Danielle a top of the line Columbia ski jacket from them for $103......retail was $300+. If you do an internet search for coupon codes, you can always get another 20%+ off of the listed prices.

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I love the stuff I buy from them. The extra long tail tshirts and mock turtles are great. The several pair of winter gloves I have from them are still hanging in strong. Good service. The website shows pictures of the items.

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I have been happily buying stuff from them for most of a decade. I think that their illustrations are a bit more telling than a standard image would be.

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I used to spend alot of time on construction sites and tried one of their canvas briefcases. rugged. it got dirty but never wore out. always wanted to try a pair of the firehose canvas pants but figured I'd outgrow em before I wore em out. :grin:


good prices on their stuff too.



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