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Powerlet cord cover to prevent paint rubbing/marring?


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hey all...wondering if any of you know of a place that makes some sort of soft 'sleeve' that I could use to enclose my Powerlet cable.


The way it works now is that plugging my jacket into the accessory socket on my RT's left dash results in the cord rubbing on the tank, leaving scuff marks, which is lame. I don't want to relocate the socket.


Looking for some kind of soft 'loom' to encase the wire in and minimize the rubbing & scuffing.


Any links/tips? I thought about cloth tape to wrap it in, but that would make it hard to coil up and stuff into the jacket when I'm not plugged in...

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The paint on my RT seems soft. As you mentioned, it doesn't take much before the paints shows marring. A real pisser!

There is a simple and inexpensive solution though.

If the point of cable / paint contact is fairly small, you can use a clear mylar "patch" in the contact area. Try one of the cellphone screen protector sheets. Clean the paint really well and the screen saver will stick just by static cling.

Try it, you may like it!


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yep, thought about that too...like the 'clear bra' that you see on new cars/trucks...


assuming I can shape the patches so they don't buckle/wrinkle/crack, that would be a great solution

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I use a stick on clear plastic adhesive where my powerlet comes out of the left power port in the front. Alternatively, any medical scrubs sales place will likely sell fabric stethoscope covers, or just get some stockinet dressing to snake the cable through...

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