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An Empty Bowl


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Team Schnauzer is in mourning. Yesterday we bade farewell to Jack (Sitzmark's Jack of All Trades, OA, OAJ), a/k/a Little Buddy, Jackaroo, Jabber Jaws, Rocket Boy, Gerbs, the Verbal Gerbil, Crazy Pig, Littlest Coyote of the Laramie Foothills, and the Hyper-Humming-Gerbil-as-Big-as-a-Pot-Bellied-Pig Dog, among others. That proliferation of nicknames is an indication of a spirit and presence in inverse proportion to his size. At age 11, it was time to liberate that spirit from a body being ravaged by Cushing's Disease, Diabetes and other maladies. It was the right and merciful thing to do, but the hole that's left behind feels immense. And for the first time in more than 20 years, and more than 30 for Heidi, there's not a Mini in the house.




Little Buddy might be our smartest member ever. He constantly offered us insights into canine intellect. That was a blessing and a challenge. He was complex. Enzo in "The Art of Racing in the Rain" doesn't seem like much of a stretch.




His play drive was strong, and agility was a great outlet for it. He loved "run jump" so much that he earned a leg in Excellent Jumpers while being handled by a stranger -- someone with whom he never trained and had only a few moments to warm up.






Even after losing his vision to Diabetes he could navigate weave poles. Just not as fast as Rocket Boy.


He is, and will be, sorely missed.




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Joel, I'm sorry to hear this. Having been through the loss of some pups in my lifetime, it's always heart-wrenching. All the best to you. It looks like he was a great little guy.

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A most worthy tribute to a member of your family brother. I wept reading it and I feel for your loss. Hug Heidi for me and know you are in our thoughts.



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When we lost the first of our dogs (Travis McGee, a soft coated Wheaten Terrier), my brother gave me some good insight. He said "pets aren't people, but they can be a part of your family." That really summed it up for me.


My wife had had the foresight to have us acquire another pup about a year before Travis's passing, and that did help us get through it, but it was still heart wrenching.

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It is sad.

And it's a good time to think about the innumerable other dogs out there at this moment, facing an end, unless they can find a home. Not necessarily "pure" breeds, mixed, some good looking, some not so, but all in need of a rescue, who would very much appreciate that bowl.

Or even two who could share it.


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I know Jack left you a wealth of joyful memories..You and he could not ask for more..I suspect things could not have worked out better for either of you. Take joy and contentment in knowing that..When I lost my last dog I said I did not want another. My wife told me that was not an option. You should see "Frappy" :)

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What a great picture tribute to Jack... Farewell to you, Little Big Guy



As with David's comment... its only a matter of time when my 16 1/2 year old yellow lab seeks the long nap.

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Joel & Heidi,


What a beautiful tribute to Jack.


I’m really sorry to hear you had to say goodbye to a good friend and member of the family. I wish I knew some magic to make the hurt stop, but I don’t.


The one thing that tempers the recent loss of Robin our cat is seeing pictures of her when she was healthy and strong, knowing that she’s free from all the difficulties and discomfort that were part of the last few months of her life.


It looks as if you have a treasure trove of good memories of your time with Jack.


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Surely a God who created all things and who created a dog to be loyal and true and like no other animal will have a suitable reward for Jack and others like him. I can't help thinking that about any dog I ever knew earned a better place than a lot of us have.

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