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Remus PowerCone - the sweet sound of a rolling K1200GT (Video)


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I just got a V.I.O. POV video camera outfit for my motorcycle and because the mike is located midway on the lens cable and not on the lens itself, I can tuck the mike out of the wind stream and avoid the wind blast you often hear with onboard video cameras. I was very surprised with the audio quality and thus, wanted to share the sweet sound of a Remus PowerCone exhaust on a moving 2007 K1200GT. Baffles were not removed. IT has a very deep smooth tone, but when you take off, you hear the true inner beauty of a very powerful machine, while still hearing that distinctive whirl right out of the Star Trek engine room while engaging "warp speeds".


I posted the video on Vimeo at this link:


I thought it might be helpful for those who are interested since its really hard to really get the true sound of a bike simply of those videos sitting in a garage.





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