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23 years of LEOing


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Started my 23rd year today. Time goes by fast, from writing tickets to printing them. To a camcorder to in car camera's, to radars to lasers.


Thank all the board members through the years that I have been here from getting the view from the other side. lol

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Would have been 30 in three months if not for a kawi crash, retirement and 4+ years for an engineering degree. Kind of odd that all my buddies are retiring this year and I'm not motivated to do so in the least.

Some hassles really take their toll.

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Congrats brother. I'm starting my 18th year next month and loving almost every day still. When I started we had huge low-band antenna arrays that would get skip from Texas, today I have a trunked radio that we can make telephone calls on. Tasers instead of batons, no more chasing...I'm constantly in awe of the change.


Keep your head down and be safe.

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Contratulations to you and all the rest of the LEOs on the forum. January has been a terrible month so far for the profession. Continued good luck and stay safe.

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Congratulations, 34 years at a major telecommunications firm...wow, time flies whether you having fun or not. Analog copper to digital fiber and now IP based/dense waved multi-plexing. Keep on choogling!



Retirement isn't in the cards yet...kids still in college.

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Yeeha! Stephen
35 years for me at a Power Utility company. Retired at age 58, 4 years ago!

Retirement is UNDER rated!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!



Got 35+ yrs in a Water/Sewer/Garbage Utility... Thinking about pulling the trigger.


59 1/2 and the 10% tax penalty is gone. Met all my goals. On paper it looks good.


But! I sure am scared. Want to go play before I can't anymore, but spooked about being on fixed income (when I go I don't want to work again afterward)


What did you do to push yourself through that door? :lurk:


(BTW... congrats John for the 23. Not many of our officers last that long. Seen a lot of them take the 20 and out. And, sorry for the hyjack :wave: )

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