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ABS low voltage modification


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Since I have my bike apart I have been thinking of doing this mod.


I have the wiring box apart, so I have easy access to the wire side of the relays.


Do I have to run a wire all the way to the ABS connector under the tank, or can I just cut the wire (#30) at the ABS relay and run the 2 ends of the cut wire to the new relay (#30 and #87)?


Or is the point of the mod to keep wire 15 at the connector from having power at key on?


Here is the mod - http://advwisdom.hogranch.com/Wisdom/ABS_Low_Voltage_Fix.htm



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Danny caddyshack Noonan


I did mine per the pdf since it was all apart anyway. WIIT (while i'm in there) I added an alternator driven relay for accessories and put everything under the fuse box. I did have to do a minor mod by cutting off some plastic tabs to allow me to push the extra stuff down in the free space.

I do seem to recall someone doing it the way you have asked about though.

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I was trying not to cut any wires at the connector under the tank.


Since I would have to open the connector, maybe I will just power wire 15 with power from the load relief relay.

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I have done it and today I was able to test it :D


I cut the wires in the connector to the ABS modulator under the tank. Then I have estended the cut wires to the new relay in the fusebox.


I have made the connection to the alternator blue wire by using a "Y" wire, allowing me not to interfere and cut anything there. There was also too litle space for my large hands to solder or do any job between the alternator and the grame :D



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I think that if you don't cut the wire, you won't be delaying the power-up of the ABS with the relay, so there will be no point to it. I did it as documented and it works great.

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