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Let the 6-Cylinder Wars Begin


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They're producing, if all goes well, six (6) units the first year.


That doesn't even qualify as a skirmish.


Interesting looking bike, though.

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Wow, what a bike.....


I can just see me doing hundreds of miles on that saddle. Built for the sort of job that BMW's do best. An obvious competitor!


Yeah - right.


I'll stick with BMW.

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It does look like some kind of Honda Accord motor or something.

And I sure think that with all of the development and design put into that bike they could have done something with that water line. A cool looking billet tube, or run it inside a piece of the frame tubing or something. That naked look is cool with all of the bike exposed, but it should still look clean not cheesy.


Overall a cool bike as part of a collection of bikes, but I dont see that being someone only bike and daily rider. But if you can afford one of those I doubt that it will be your only bike.

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