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Bay Area to San Luis Obispo Thursday 1/20

RT Russ

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I'm taking a mental health break from work and heading down to see my daughter at Cal-Poly Thursday. She's studying Aero-Space engineering there and is excited about a launch at Vandenberg Air Base. Straight down 101 to get there. Spending the night after visiting with the daughter.

Any advice for a spirited route back to the Bay Area? Up the Coast Highway? Back up 101 to 25? Any locals down there got any secret paths to share?



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Hwy 1 all the way long the coast would be the way I would go if the weather isnt bad. Be sure to stop by Mo's BBQ while in San Luis.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

A must stop place when going on travel to VAFB is in Casmalia on the north border of the base....The Hitching Post. You won't pay for a cheap steak but, you will pay for a really good one. Not Sizzler pricing. Try to sit at the table with the window on the grill.


Oh, you were looking for roads. A motorcyclist rides on his stomach!


If it is foggy, get about 40-50 miles away and more than 500 feet in altitude to watch it pop out(you will see it before it does). Spaceflightnow.com provides schedule updates. It is the Delta IV Heavy one on the launch schedule link. This one should have a southerly fly out.


Edit: just saw it's an afternoon launch. Disregard the far away looksee. Get close. It won't be that impressive at distance because of liquid propellants and going somewhat into the sun.

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Highway 1. During the week the traffic isn't bad and the weather is looking great. Just yesterday I rode through Big Sur and it was 73 degrees and clear. One of the most beautiful rides in the world.

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Russ, Hwy 1 is a beauty!! Your biggest challenge will be keeping your eyes on the twisties while taking in the amazing ocean vistas and maybe a few migrating gray whales!


My son graduated from Cal Poly and I loved riding down HWY 1 to visit him. Enjoy!

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Hey Russ!


I went down there for lunch last month. We hit 25, Peach Tree Rd, and Indian Valley Rd. That combination dumps you out onto 101 at San Miguel. It's a great set of roads.


From what I can tell, if the weather is good, you're going to have a hard time finding a bad road. Unless of course you choose 101.

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....She's studying Aero-Space engineering there and is excited about a launch at Vandenberg Air Base.......


Well it's a big-N


1/18/2011 - VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The first West Coast Delta IV Heavy Launch Vehicle is scheduled to launch from Space Launch Complex-6 here Jan. 20 at 1:08 p.m. PST.


This will be the largest rocket ever to launch from the West Coast of the United States.


Hopefully The Curse of SLC-6 has worn off.




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