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Thanks to Mig = Pay-It-Forward


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Member "Mig" posted a great write-up about his making of a Jumper for the Fuel Controller. He offered to send one out to anyone on this site.

Well I was the Luckie First to reply. Today I recieved the made jumper from Mig. I sent him a Big Thanks and I thought I would post to let our community know how much I appreciated his kindness.

Some day some way I hope to "Pay it Forward" to a member of this site like Mig did.



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Life sure can be nicer and happier when we live by the golden rule.


Doing something for others is a nice thing. It has been said that it is better to give than to recieve. But to be able to GIVE, someone has to RECIEVE. So i guess the point is doing good things is good for everyone.


A wise friend of mine used to say.."it's good to be good, it's bad to be bad"....I always loved the simplicity of that.

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I'm paying foward because it was this groups advise who gave me some great information when I was considering on buying the RT and its pitfalls.

That said I have been looking at the connectors and finally found one from the manufacturer,--- but it is a proprietary style and it is not sold to the public or the electronics wharehouses/companies that are on-line. So I can't buy them and makea bunch to hand out., but that hasn't stopped me from looking at alternative connectors that would do the job in an emergency.

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Actually Mig, I'm not sure who the original innovator was. I found the post of the instructions and pics on ADVrider last year or so and used it to make my jumper. That was the link I sent to you last year. Not sure that was the real original or not but the good thing is that thease kind of great ideas get shared and "passed forward". Thanks for continuing the process

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