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A friend has a Baehr intercom that has stopped working. He has checked that it's getting power and the pins are aligned. Is there anyplace that services them? I'm posting here for him since BMW riders seem to have been the biggest users of the Baehr intercom. Don't use one myself, just wave my hands around like a lunatic and yell, low tech but also low maintenance.


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Try Challenger Motors in NZ as per my sig (not affiliated just very happy) or there is a link to Baehr USA in this article although it wasn't working when I tried


FWIW make sure the ground wire has a good connection as this will make it play up if no good.


As per the article Tony at Challenger motors is very well versed on the units and will help where possible.



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You won't get any service in the US for Baehr. I ran them in the past and had an issue with one of my units. The "US importer/dealer" would not repair them. I believe it was National Cycle at the time but I may be wrong. They would only sell you a refurb. Their reasoning was the cost to ship to/from Germany for any repairs as there were no repair facilities in the US authorized. I have quite a bit of Baehr stuff hanging around still. If your friend can't get his issue resolved PM me with what he needs and I'll see if I can get it to him.

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