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BMW Canbus charger help needed


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Well it's winter here in central PA and I haven't been on the bike since New Year's day when we had a brief warm spell.


I was wondering if anyone can tell me the proper way to use the Canbus charger. I got it with my 2007 R1200RT and I'm not sure if I should leave it on all the time like I used to do with my Battery Tender or what. I don't have a battery problem but I want to make sure it doesn't go bad over the winter.


Please don't say search this site. I'm sure the answer is there somewhere but did a brief search and didn't find my answer. I'm just looking for a no-nonsense, "here's what you do" type answer.


Thanks for your help.

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Yes, you can leave it on all the time. I do that with my R1200ST. Check it periodically, however. In the event of a power outage, you need to cycle the ignition to reconnect through the ZFE module.

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That's what I do. It plug it in whenever I park the bike. I got nearly six years out of my first R12RT battery and swapped it out just because it was making me nervous. It was still working fine but I did not trust it for long trips.

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Yes, plug it in properly and it's good to go. Afterall, it's made by Deltran aka Battery Tender.


It has three differences; packaging, price, and programming so that it holds the circuit open for the plug you have it plugged in to.


Do you have procedure to plug it in?

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Thanks everyone for the replies. No, I do not have any instructions for the charger. Apparently you have to cycle the ignition switch somehow but it's unclear exactly what to do. Does anyone have a link to a PDF of the instructions? The other question I have is which socket do I use to charge it? I have three, one in front by the radio controls and on on either side in the back.


It seems to me that this should be fairly foolproof but I want to make sure I don't make a hasty mistake and damage any of the electronics.


Thanks again for the help.

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