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R1200C the good and the bad...


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My buddy's son just bought a real cherry R1200C...some poor bugger in the midst of a divorce allowed him to steal it from him. ;)


Anyway, just like my R1100R Leroy, it is easy to work on. Brakes and hydraulic clutch were easier to work on due to nipples all around, no blanking plugs, not even on the clutch!!


However, no TBS jobs allowed! No idle adjust, no nuffink! MoDiTec only :cry:. You can only pull the rubber bungs off the TB's and check the balance. Which I did with the Carbtune. Idle was uneven but it showed equal vacuum all the way up to 5k :thumbsup:


Gearbox drain is somewhat of a PITA as you need a flippin' great 14MM Hex to undo it and then some German genius thought it a good idea to place the huge exhaust clamps in the way of a straight shot into the plug! Fortunately, they werent seized up and I managed to undo them just fine.


The real treat was installing the upgraded cam chain tensioner. Due to the A arm design and frame, it took me all of 5 minutes to R&R :thumbsup:! Easily undid it and simply pulled it right out and over the top of the cylinder!


Took it out for a post tune-up blast and the motor does sound a little weird and feels a little lumpier than the R1100/R1150 motors. Certainly don't like the riding position but, I must say, it is built of some real quality materials. The alloy front telelever A arm is a work of art and the bike is very well put together.


Not for my stable but a nice bike nonetheless.



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I'm on my second C and have loved every minute of the 156K miles logged on them. Great machine so long as one doesn't expect it to do things it wasn't designed to do. I've burned up twisty roads and taken multi-day trips on mine. My wife and I even rode 1600 miles on a four day trip to Branson, MO. a few years ago for our longest two-up trip on a C. And I have done 3400 miles in 9 days solo.

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What year and model? Makes a difference.


The throttle bodies are adjustable, access under the seat.

Drain the airbox, just because.


Owned one six years, loved it. I have a repair manual in pdf if you want, and a few other pdf's to help.


For all things "C" go here:





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Hey Terry from Perry :wave:

Did you move there coz you liked the sound of that LOL!!


Thank you for your kind offer :thumbsup:.

My E is : pcoppin@stx.rr.com


I know he (and I!) would like any info/literature to help with the maintenance. I only had my R1150RT et al Clymer manual available, which doesn't have too much detail on the R1200C.


It is a 99 with only 13k on it!.


Thanks again



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Hi Paul,


Well, I didn't HATE it, which I suppose is a good thing.

It was just a little too "cruiser" for me as I don't feel comfortable (and in full control) with my feet in front of my body :eek:!!





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