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I was reading another thread, where someone had posted a picture of a map with lines drawn on it for each of their trips. This got me to thinking about where I've been. With a little help from Mapsource, here are the trips I've been on with the RT.


Any suggestions for where I should go next?





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The coast of California. Thank goodness, you didn't miss the experience of crossing Kansas! ;):grin:


Ah, Kitsap, ya got me by two minutes! :grin:





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Joe Frickin' Friday

Whip is pointing you in the right direction.


-Western Colorado is great, just about anything west of Denver. Visit Pikes Peak; CO92 from Gunnison to Crawford; US550 from Ouray to Durango; CO119 west out of Boulder; Rocky Mountain National Park; Loveland Pass; Mount Evans; CO 141 from Dove Creek to Grand Junction; lots of others.


-Southern Utah is great. Show up in Torrey on the weekend before Memorial day weekend, and you'll find a bunch of us there. Astonishingly good riding, roads too numerous to specify. Torrey makes a good base camp for exploring the area.


-Southwestern Wisconsin. The roads there are surprisingly good. No 10,000-foot mountain passes, but lots of hills and valleys and ziggy-zaggy roads. Avoid main highways, meaning anything with a number (e.g. US Highway 14, Wisconsin Highway 33) as much as possible. Stick with the county roads named with a letter (e.g.e county road F, JJ); those are the twistiest and have the least traffic. Overnight in Madison, check out State Street; if it's a warm evening, make sure you check out The Terrace, a beer garden at UW's lakefront student union building. Live music some nights, and good beer/brats. There are a couple of hotels within walking distance (the Doubletree has elevated parking, so riff-raff tend not to go out of their way to mess with parked vehicles there).


-From your map, it looks like you've already visited western North Carolina. Can't see whether you've done the Cherohala Skyway; if you visit the area again, look that one up.


-Northwestern Wyoming. From your map it looks like you've done the Beartooth/Chief Joseph roads; if not, get back out there. Cody (WY) to Red Lodge (MT).


-Northeastern Wyoming. The Bighorns. Ride 'em. Looks like you went through the northern part, but there's other interesting roads in the southern part.

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It may be Months! away but I've already got CA.36 on my mind. It's raining out and my girl is sitting out there begging to go somewhere warmer and drier in the spring.


I called the Chuck Wagon last week and got on the for now short waiting list. Can you tell I'm ready to go?


End of hijack..

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You've not hit CA or AZ or NV or most of UT, so you have a lot of exploring left to do. Newmarket to Torrey is about 2k mi. On the slab.

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That's some fairly complete riding. For the first half.

For the second half, I would say California and Texas, and all things in between. And somehow throw Florida in, at least the Keys.

Then I guess it would be on to Mexico, Europe, and South America.

How old are you, anyway?


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Next time you hit Washington AC (as opposed to DC), take Highway 20 along the north of the state east to west or vice versa. Really a wonderful 300 plus mile day. Sweepers galore, scenery galore, lots of deer in the eastern half and lots of glaciers through the North Cascades in the western half before hitting the Puget Sound lowlands. If you have the time, taking the ferry to Port Townsend and then riding out to Cape Flattery (northwestern most point in the contiguous US) is a trip most never experience, and if the weather is decent, is well worth the end of road experience. July would be good, August better, and in the right year, September as well.

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Utah and Arizona sound pretty good right now...and not just because it was -4F here yesterday. Any suggestions for a good route there across the south?


Thanks for all the other suggestions. I would never have guessed Wisconsin for great riding, and its relatively close. As for Kansas...i kinda liked it. Not saying I want to ride it every day, but there's something to be said for being able to see tomorrow's weather today.


Oh, and I'm 45. Just a young 'un by BMW standards.



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