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05 RT servo maintenance question


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I have an 05 RT and I just completed the complete JVB brake flush. I installed Speedbleeders on the calipers. I buttoned it all up and took it our for a test ride. I came back and found a drip from the clutch side speedbleeder. I tightened it down and rechecked. It seems to be holding find.


My question is this. I know I used the ministan to flush out the wheel circuits and I set final fluid level to just about the cross piece where the ministan attached. Do I need to pull off the plastic and tank to check the level again or is this topped off through the master cylinder which seems to be holding fine?


I was planning on going for a nice ride tomorrow. I'd rather not pull off all of the plastic if it wasn't necessary.

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The fluid installed from the ministan into the servo unit actuates the brake calipers as you correctly stated so if you think too much came out yes you will have to remove all the tupperware. The master cyclinder is not the place. However I don't think you lost too much if there is just a few drops of fluid lost out of the speedbleeder. A pool would be another thing. It's not leaking now, the brakes work fine so my take is ride it. I have never used speedbleeders so my response may be useless.

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I took off the plastic and tank. I checked the level and it was still OK. Better safe than sorry.

BTW what are those tubes that come off of the plugs where the ministan attaches?

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Those tubes are vented to atmosphere for the wheel circuit reservoirs. Also, keep in mind your system has a low fluid warning when either of the wheel circuits (under the tank) run low. It is an early warning so the brakes should still function normally until more fluid is lost. If the warning stays on it needs immediate attention.


It is common to lose some fluid through the vent tube after a drop depending on the time the bike is sleeping on it's side. The rider will often see this warning after a drop. It will auto reset if there is adequate fluid once the bike is upright.

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I don't have an answer, but I am curious did the bleeders seat all the way down to the surface, or can you see some thread?


I checked both front and the rear speedbleeder. I can see one thread on all of them.

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