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road trip


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go north... that will be the best route.



OOps, I see you are a new guy... in that case I apologize. Tell us what you want in a route other than arrival at your destination. Scenic, twisty, fast, avoidances, rural or superhighway etc?

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You could go up the coast.


Hilton Head




Colonial Williamsburg VA(Great place!!!!!!!!!!)


Norfolk and Virginia Beach VA


The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel




If ya have enough time you can take the Ferry to Cape May and do the Jersey Shore and Boardwalk. The come across the Deleware where George did.



Good Luck and have fun!!!




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If you've never ridden the BRP or Skyline Drive, I would get to Asheville, NC as quick as you can and take the Blue Ridge Parkway to Skyline Drive till it ends at Front Royal. Then look for I-66 east to Washington.

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