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BMW Nav 2 experimental upgrade...


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toying with this today, yes it is cold...







seems like the phone (in an otterbox case) is pretty stable when fixed with bands and would be easy to power during operation. Any competent NAV app plus blue tooth helmet rig and you are wireless, the GPS drive app I already have functions well with both the phone and the iPod applications, although that package for routing/tracks is not nearly as robust in capability as a stand alone unit. I have seen RAM rigs for the smart phones but you can't have the bumper/other external cases on the phone in order to snap them into their mounts. the fixators obviously need some refinement...I am thinking some sort of dual lock/velcro type of thing. It is also easy just to throw a plastic bag over the whole thing if you are caught in a frog strangler and still keep power to the unit.


Using this rig with gloves is out, which to a certain extent I believe is a plus, it would force a stop in order to do map manipulation or routing tweaks etc. The new SENA helmet mount bluetooth rig really interests me in that you have the left handed ability to manipulate phone and iPod controls....




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I like this set-up -- Rube Goldberg would too. I use the Ram set up you mention and except for needing to remove the phone case, it works fine and transfers from bike to bike with ease.


I have the iPhone with the Navigon App and SENA headset and it works remarkably well - better than my NAV II in some instances. The glove thing is an issue waiting for an invention. I thought of having the index finger on my gloves tailored so that I can stick out just the tip of my finger when I need to. Someone has made a material to attach to a glove finger tip that allows the wearer to control the touch screen on the phone. I have seen it and it works -- on designer gloves -- not on motorcycle gloves yet.


If you have not seen Navigon -- it's worth a look. I understand Garmin just announced their own iPhone App for $39 -- I can not attest to its effectiveness though.

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