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off road riding ok, more like fire road riding during the UN


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I am wondering if there are any othere riders coming that might like to do some Blue Ridge mountain fire road riding. My off road maching can not really keep up with the 650, 800 & 1200 GS bikes. I am looking for some riders who might be interested in doing some more fire roads and back roads riding and very little paved road riding. I have a BMW 450X so the GS routes really do not work well for the 450X. Just wondering if there might be some riders coming who would like to do this type of riding. I know most of the UN crowd rides to the event, but I will be trailering my R1200ST and the 450X so I can ride both. Just wondering.

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There are a lot of nice roads around Jonas Ridge up to the BRP and down to Brown Mountain (famous for the Brown Mountain Lights). Lots of good hiking trails and waterfalls off the fire roads. Please remind me and I'll bring a map of that area or you can pick one up at any outdoor shop in the area. It's called the Wilson Creek area.


End of hijack.





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well as of right now my GS 450X has knobby tires.


I was assuming a more off road type riding were knobby tires would be beneficial


Matt, not sure my 45X will keep up with those 650's, and I am positive the 450X is not a good road bike. i.e. I plan on taking the 450X to the "base" of the mountains, so I do not have to ride a long distance on paved roads


Of course I just got the 450X last week, so I am still learning, maybe for the UN I can find some dual sport tires and will not be so difficult.


If there is any one on this baord with a 450X I would love a PM>

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Quinn thanks so much for that info. I will head over to REI this week. Shoot maybe I will even do a scouting trip later in April or early May. Might be fun.

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Randy, I have shinko 700s on my DR650. They are good 50/50 tires but aren't the best for thick sandy stuff.


The DR has short legs so more offroad the better for me otherwise, I'll be needing to have a GSA supertanker around...

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excellent Matt, before now and the UN I will do some tire research. Not expecting loose deep sand that time of year. I may find the 450X does a lot better than I think on the fire roads etc. I just know, with my size and weight, and the bikes set up, practical top speed is probably around 65 mph, and I will not be wanting to do that for very long, i.e. I am guessing 20 minutes stretch. but I will know better by the UN, as I plan on doing a lot of test riding between now and then.


I am coming from my 1994 CR250. So I am expencting it will be a change.

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not sure about that, the CR250 was built from the ground up by a very experienced off road rider. powder coated the frame, all new suspension, updated graphics, new chain and tires. when I saw it (back in 2005) I really believe it was a new 2005 bike. We were meeting at a dirt bike park, and I actually went up and asked him why he had forgotten to bring the bike. he pointed to it and said that is it. I repeated the 1994 year and he said yes. I bought it on the spot. At the time I bought it I did not know you could not ride these bikes up in the GA mountains etc. So I rode mostly off road with Dustin and local parks, and this is my first attempt at moving to a bike that can do what I had originally planned to do back in 2005. I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to it.

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Randy, the Dunlop 606 is a great DOT dual sport tire. Don't be putoff by the knobby design, it handles the pavement at speeds faster than I want to go!It is in stock at Cycle Gear I picked up a set yesterday.




PS come join us, GARTRA, the 2nd weekend of june for our annual Chattahooche Dual Sport ride in N GA.

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