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What is it?


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You can expect that this is the concept bike for the naked 6 cylinder rumored to be coming to us in 2013. Insider info has it that it is more than just rumored but seriously in works.


Beta testers LINE UP!

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That bike in your link is similar but not the same one.


If you look at the one in my link it is red.


I think both of these are based on the Hp2 model bikes. They are hex head looking motors, but have conventional style, upside down forks like the Hp2.

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Look farther down in the link, there is a picture of multiple bikes, one being red. The headlight is different, but everything else looks the same except the seat color. As they are drawings, the color can be changed and the projector lights appear on a bike farther down in in the multiple picture. Keep clicking on the multi picture and it will eventually get bigger.


Here is a link to a small thread about it in MOA forum



Red, mid page


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Aren't those 2 in the middle of the page, the red one and the white one, just artist renderings?


They all look like they are based on the Hp2 right?

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