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anyone have experience with a Techlusion controller?


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Hey everyone,


My '02 RT had a techlusion controller installed when I purchased the bike. The previous owner said that he had it set to "mid range". I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for setting the controller? I think the bike is running rich because the fuel mileage is in the low 30's and the exhaust has some black soot on it. The bike runs great and has absolutely no surging issues but just was wondering if I could somehow mess with the pot switches to lean it out just a little. Any advice???

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I've been running the Techlusion unit on my '02 for four years now. I have discovered that the settings need frequent minor adjustment, sometimes seasonally or after a change of riding behavior from commuting to distance riding. I keep a running log, noting the settings and the reason I have adjusted them. This month I made an adjustment to reduce the sudden appearance of decelleration backfiring, last month I adjusted a bit to knock down some mid-range surging. Curiously, I am back to the same settings I had for a period of time two years ago, but I'm experiencing different performance. I suggest you try the manufacturers recommended base settings (as per the link above) and then be ready to tweak them to suit your unique riding habits and local conditions. I also recommend you acquire an inexpensive digital voltmeter that you can leave on your bike, so that you can test and adjust wherever you are and whenever you need to.

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Well I checked it today and all of the settings were at almost max settings. I reset them according to the link provided and it runs like a different bike. I hope to get out tomorrow on it to play with it some more. The cruise circuit was turned all the way up. No wonder I wasn't hardly getting any mpg. Thanks again

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I have an 02RT in Canada, I have what is known as "Revtech" digital fuel optimizer. It appears to be the same, just marketed under different name in Canada, although it comes from California. Installed to take care of surging issue.I have the four page manual, if you wish I could send you some other info that is not on that link. (I'll take a few pics of it & send them to you,yes the camera is that elaborate)let me know.

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Well today I rode about 130 miles and I can definitely tell a difference with fuel consumption. Before at 120 miles I would be down to 2 bars and today after 130 miles I was still showing a half a tank left. Seemed to run better as well. Guess he had it set to dump too much fuel.


Meandmy. I will send you a pm. Thanks for the offer

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Not a simple question whether or not the Oilheads are lean and/or how the O2 sensor further makes them leaner.


While the bikes use too much gas, they also burn poorly and so they need richer mixes to run well. And that kind of marginal situation can lead to surging.


Common enough for people to find surging goes away as their skill at tuning improves. Therefore, the need for a Techclusion declines.


Really swell to run on the rich side. Lets you be lazy about shifting. Especially on the sportier models like the S. Nice but wastes gas.


But I think the right balance might be to have some wee bit of Techclusion enrichment, but not too much.


I unhitched my Techclusion before setting out on a trip to the US West and California four years ago but kept it on the bike, just in case. Still sitting on the bike, just in case, but haven't felt a need for it.



Big snow in Toronto

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