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Bike just quit in Hemet CA.


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So we towed the bike here about 10 days ago. Going to spend a month or so in the area. Loving the weather, having a good time, exploring the riding.


Yesterday I was about 10 miles west of town, scouting golf courses, and my bike quit like I had bumped the kill switch. Pulled off, and tried to start, would turn over, but not a hint of starting.


Called BCAA and about 30 minutes later a flatbed truck, with helpful experienced drive loaded it up, and called Riverside BMW, but they were closed. So he delivered me and bike to our RV site in Hemet.


This morning I loaded the bike into the trailer, and was at Riverside BMW as they opened. They've got it on the list and hope to diagnos it today in time to overnight parts, if needed.


Fingers crossed as I await the call.


Smoky ( now in CA and luvin' it!)

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Bad deal.


This is the '05 1200RT listed in your sig? How many miles? Been through any wet weather (or washing) lately?

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Are you taking bets? Sounds dumb I know, but are sure you have fuel? As I'm sure you know, there are issues with the fuel strip. Might also be the fuel controller - I guess that'd be my bet.


Good Luck, please keep us posted.

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Yup, '05 1200RT, ~75,000km.


I pulled the cover off the fuel tank access a couple of months ago, bone dry, and no sigh of moisture. But trailering down here, bike was exposed to snow and ice, and freezing temps for first time.


At home it spends the snowy months in my heated shop getting tender care.


Thanks Mitch.


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I had gassed up at Shell 10 miles ago. I didn't put diesel in it!


Didn't feel like a fuel issue, just quit like the key was off.


Hey, what happened to the pic of me in my avatar? Just noticed a new pic I've never seen before.

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sound just like my fuel pump controller. Bike would run for about 5 seconds and die. 150 dollars fuel controller solved it this morning. The black ones are the new version. Get your old one and pull back the rubber base and look at the PC board. Probably smoked. Anyway save it for the by pass wire mod. The by pass wire got me home and to the dealership this morning.

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Hey, what happened to the pic of me in my avatar? Just noticed a new pic I've never seen before.


Rumor has it that that the administrators here have minimum standards for avatar pics. Apparently they thought the other picture looked better.



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Bike is fixed!


It was the fuel pump regulator, filled with water!


The tech told me the gasket was pinched, and lots of water in there.


I checked this for moisture for the first time last Sept., it was bone dry. But I guess I cocked-up the gasket putting it back together, it was all my fault.


My wife picked up one of the new thin-wire Gerbings jackets, so our trip to the dealer wasn't all for naught.


I've got the old parts and will make up a jumper with the wiring.


Nice to be back on the road, leaving for a two day ride tomorrow.


Thanks for all the help.

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