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Bored engineers.......


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Apparently Rube Goldberg is a new concept to you, Whipper snapper!

Saw that in a cartoon 50 years ago. Cute for the kids though.

Then again, if those out of work engineers had been doing that w at work it may be why they are out of work. :P

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I want to see the look on his wife's face when she realizes he's been putzing around with that nonsense all day. No job, the dishes are dirty, the kids haven't been fed, the litter box is filthy....


I know I'd catch hell.

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Ahhh! Back in the "Old Country", I grew up with Heath Robinson contraptions and, when I came here, I became aware of 'Rube Goldberg'....love the stuff! :thumbsup:


And my old heart thanks you dearly for calling me a "whippersnapper" :rofl:

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