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ABS Sensitivity


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We’re talking about an 09 RT.

Forgive me right off for being vague. I really don’t want to get into debates about proper brake use; and, it’s not a safety related issue.

So, without going into detail I’d simply like to know if there are any of you familiar enough with the brakes and computers to tell me if there is the ability to “program” the ABS sensitivity to the rear brake? Is this something BMW could do? I realize they probably wouldn’t, I just want to know if the option exists


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I wish there were. Its too much of a nanny in the rear, for sure, and the lousy stock feel is a contributor. It also "recovers" very slowly compared to a good car system when the ABS is triggered. The linked system does not get everything the rears can deliver and trying to modulate the rest with the stock design is a bit difficult. Its not as bad as Mercedes stock brakes but is the same philosophy of trying to keep idiots from hurting themselves rather than providing a system that works well for those with skill.


One partial improvement is dump the rear stock pads for EBC HH. Gives a slightly "harder" feel so better modulation possibilities.


If I were redesigning this system I'd start by finding a way to use a 30% larger bore rear master to give a firm enough feel to make good modulation easy. Then software shenanigans wouldn't be needed as much- only to deal with the "slow recovery" problem.

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I agree with Racer7 on the poor feel of the rear brake circuit. I also prophesize that the rear brake getting 2 inputs, one from the linked brakes and one from the foot pedal is part of the problem. I use only the front brake for all my braking except for the very slow speeds completing a stop with low traction(sand,gravel etc).

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