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molybdenum disulfide pills


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I found 3 cases of these "Gas saver pills" while cleaning out an old barn.These were from the early 70s. At first I thought them to be trash then an old riding buddy offered me $100 per case! He swears that these things help in all his gas engines,Does he know somthing I don't?

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Molybdenum Disulphide is a solid lubricant and is often added to transmission oil as a friction reducer. The Optimoly grease of Honda Moly 60 grease is just a carrier for MDS, it will adsorb into the surface of a spline ans so they look unlubricated later, even though the moly is still doing its job.


Adding it to fuel would seem pointless at best. As with all of these after-market fuel-savers, if they worked the vehicle manufacturers would use them - there is a competitive advantage to advertising better fuel mileage.



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Man, you've got some junk in the barn, and somebody offered you a hunerd clams for it? And you haven't made the deal yet???


I think you'd be way ahead at $2/case. How many cases have you got?

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Just 3 cases in all,2 left. I just wish that guy had a couple of brothers.

The things I've been finding in this barn have been way out there!

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