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dry bag


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Need help finding a dry bag that will also be used as a drivers back rest on the rt, need something around 17w and 12in deep, thanks, Mike

must be black or silver, not yellow

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BMW makes a very nice one I've used on many trips. Very waterproof and good looking (as bags go). It is silver and has a large "T" pull on the waterproof zipper. A little pricey but great product.

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Well the Yellow and Silver Sealine Dry Bags I have both worked well for years, no wet stuff. The are end fillers though. there are longitudinally opening bags now that would be an easier exercise in filling.

Color of your choice well may not be available. Looking for Mauve??

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I use one of these: http://cascadedesigns.com/sealline/packs-and-duffles/widemouth-duffle/product


It works well as a backrest and I like the small front zipper pocket as it serves as a place to stuff the tail of the tie down that holds it on the bike. I never have to worry about the tail getting caught in the rear wheel.


I've found that if I put towels on the bottom of the duffel and then set the bag with the bottom against my back I have a nice soft backrest.

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I like the Wolfman style bag much better than the Sealine. The longitudinal opening makes using it way better.

I'd also buy the biggest one they had because one can always roll it down to close is the contents. One could then have spare room for more stuff. You'd have to swamp the dang thing for a long period of time to get the insides wet. The zippered style may seep moisture in a prolonged wet ride.

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