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ANOTHER R1100RSL question from Cheezdad

Cheez Dad

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Hey all,


The starter works great and the bike has been running fine up until today...the surging I think can be fixed with a tune up and a new fuel filter.

BUT....Whiskey Tango Foxtrot would cause the catalytic converter to turn RED HOT and the temperature gauge still indicate the well within the operational temp range (four bars on the display)?

Completely freaked me out.

Any Ideas? Like I said the engine indicated and sounded fine, the valve covers were the normal level of hot to the touch wearing gloves...

Completely mystified, but running through the search here seems to show this is kind of common...

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Catalytic converters get hot when there is a miss-fire or the engine is out of tune. You need to take care of this sooner rather than later or the cat will be damaged beyond repair.


The temperature gauge measures the oil temp in the engine. The hot catalytic converters don't contact the oil.

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This usually caused by unburnt fuel igniting in the cat....generally

an overly rich mixture which is USUALLY due to clogged air filter, bad plugs or plug wire :thumbsup:


If all the above are fine, then you get into computer and/or 02 sensor issues.




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Check the throttle cable on the right side throttle body to ensure it is properly seated. I saw this happen once before.

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Tobias, Philbytx and Thencamebronson,




Tobias: Im taking big red into the shop that works on the Washington State Patrol BMWs next week. For a tune up and such.


Bronson: I will check the throttle cable!


Philby: it sure seems like its running rich, funny how sitting for a while can mess with a bike.



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