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Communication between Units


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Up in the air about my purchase of Cardo-Sena-Chatter.. I know communication is "line of sight". Does anyone know if the above three will inter-communicate with eachother? Just wanted to know if I ride with someone of different units.

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I haven't tried bike to bike yet but my understanding is that no they are not compatible between brands. They all use non-standard protocols to communicate set to set so as not to stomp all over the other BT connections you've got set-up

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The three brands you mentioned (and all other BT based units for that matter) will not "talk" to one another. webBikeWorld.com has reviewed just about every type of headset communicator out there over the last few years. Their top recommendation at this time is the Sena unit.


Personally we've been using the Cardo Q2 system (bike to bike) for the last few years. It works as advertised and will work around corners and turns, but for only so far before it drops out.


All the units have their particular strengths/weaknesses.


FWIW, we wouldn't want to ride without the intercoms. We leave the two way voice enabled all the time, it has allowed us to share safety info quickly and has just made riding all the better.

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