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Old member finally legitimized


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Hi Guys, I joined the forum in '06 and posted from time to time but owned non BMW bikes. I am finally a actual BMW owner now, as I've just purchased a used 2007 R1200RT silver, from the NH branch of Max BMW. The guys at that dealership were impressively professional and even more amazingly friendly. Definitely an unusually customer oriented dealership at first contact. I drove all the way up from Hudson Valley NY State for the bike and they made me feel like family.


Anyway I got to ride the RT for 8 or 10 miles. VERY impressed with the telepathic steering, this bike and I are going to be long term fast friends. High first gear, but I'll get used to it.


Now if it would stop snowing and melt........

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Joe Frickin' Friday
High first gear, but I'll get used to it.


I ran an 1100RT for ten years before getting a 1200 RT in '09. It took me a while to get used to the taller first gear, too, but one thing I realized is that with more torque and less weight, a taller first gear helps prevent you from looping when you nail the throttle wide open. :grin:

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Thanks Guys! :)


The bike and I gelled the minute we started down the road, so it's a keeper. If I ever get aggravated dealing with it, I'll just remember the primary purpose of the tall 1st gear as you've laid it out Mitch. ;-D


The original owner was Crenshaw in TN. Any chance he's a member of this forum?


A friend of mine just purchased a K1300GT We'll be riding down to the bikes old stomping ground in the spring.



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Thanks Guys. :)

Greg, your office is about 1hr 11 min. from me, and about 35 min. from John (AGSTreak1). John is the friend I mentioned who recently purchased a K1300GT. I'm up in Rosendale NY, near some nice Catskill Riding. John's a CT man.

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We have a group, anywhere from 2 or 3 to 10 guys, who ride together every Sunday in season. We meet at Brewster Shell on Route 22 at 7AM. We often go up your way. One guy often joins us at the Taconic. If you guys are interested, let me know.

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