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Bluetooth Helmets


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I am looking for a bluetooth helmet to pair up with my Garmin GPS. Safety is a factor , but i am also looking to get decent sound , especially at higher speeds. I'd appreciate anyone who can separate the manufacturers claims from the real world. The zumo 665 has an MP3 player and bluetooth phone capabilities and I'd like to get the most out of it , Ross

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I've been using the Sena SMH10 for a little over a week now and I'm very happy with the sound. There are some issues with Bluetooth from any manufacturer as far as pairing with multiple devices but for what you are trying to do the Sena unit would work great.

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Just bought the Sena SMH10. It is replacing my J&M Integratr and 5 something headset, which had great sound. The Sena beats the J&M for sound quality and is much more versatile. I have not ridden with a like equipt partner yet so cannot comment on the range and sound quality from bike to bike. The sound quality from my Droid x and gps are outstanding and they pair easily.

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Thanks for all the input , the SMH10 seems to be my best option. Everyone seems to think the sound quality sets it apart from competition. I checked other Blogs and the only weakness seems to be it's inability to communicate with several other units at the same time , which is no priority for me. Thanks again , Ross

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With the Sena, you can also buy an accessory mounting clamp/mic to allow you to use in-ear monitors, if that's what you prefer. That's what I did so I could use my Arizona Al plugs. I also purchased mine from RocketMoto.com You can get a discount if you mention this Board, or ADVRider.com

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I've been using the Sena unit since fall (I was lucky enough to net both new helmet comms for my wife and myself AND a new iPod Touch 4g {a nice update from my c. '05 Photo model} for my birthday). Mostly I use it for bluetooth audio from the iPod and while the sound quality is great compared to any helmet mounted speaker solution I've used before, it's pretty terrible if compared to a set of Shure (or other quality) in-ear phones.


For phone calls it works well, but I don't get many calls (and ignore most of those) so the ringtone still scares the crap out of me as it's a bit loud/different/shrill.



I've used it bike to bike a few times with my wife, and it works pretty well as long as you remember it's bluetooth and don't expect it to work like a radio (claimed distances on the website are about what we found to be true). We have not tried it 2up, but we have noticed that there is a certain point when you get TOO close to one another for it to work without producing a bunch of static (like, when riding close/staggered in city traffic).


The controls are simple and work well, the unit seems pretty durable so far, and the battery use/charge times are great (as are the included charging accessories).


Overall, I'm quite happy with it as it does what I want. This summer when I get to do some longer commutes for across-the-state classes I'm thinking of getting the helmet mount I can use with my Shure earphones though...oftentimes when listening to music I realize that if I didn't already know the song, I wouldn't really be able to make out the words. On the other hand, it seems to handle voice (like Car Talk podcasts) fine if you turn the volume up enough (it does NOT seem to distort these even at top volume).


This is all in a Scorpion EXO 900 (modular/flip) helmet.



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I just purchased the Sena SMH 10 dual set, used it yesterday for a solo ride and listened to the ipod while wearing earplugs, the sound was very good, the battery was still going after 3 1/2 hours of continuous use. I'll take the wife out in a few days and check the communication. The only issue I had while trying it at home from helmet to helmet was that when set to VOX (voice activated) it went to standby mode after 20 seconds even while talking. After contacting the manufacturer, I turned off that feature.

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...The only issue I had while trying it at home from helmet to helmet was that when set to VOX (voice activated) it went to standby mode after 20 seconds even while talking...


Ditto. I have not yet been able to actually use them on the road, but at home the same thing happened to me. I don't think the VOX works very well on these (Sena).

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my Cardo scala2 does the same thing. Shuts of while we are talking. If you yell at it, it comes back on.

I think the culprit is the auto mic volume/ambient noise calibration--software.

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