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Fork Oil


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Does anyone know when the fork oil should be changed on the '06 RT??


I have searched, "fork oil" - but why is the search on this site so damn pants....comes back with a million and one items, nothing to do with fork oil!!



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For the search, use advanced search and prefix each search term with a + sign, use - for any you do not want. Set the date range back far enough and if required limit searches to selected sub-forums.


As to the fork oil, on telelever bikes it is only used to lubricate the sliders with the front shock carrying out all of the suspension duties. There is no specified change interval for the oil.



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A timely discussion as changing my fork oil on my 06' R1200ST was on my mind for the 2011' season maintenance. I was aware of the oil not being used for dampening function. Still a search of the proper fluid seemed a bit unproductive even in advanced mode. Any dealers out there ever change this oil? :S

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I worked in a dealership.... we never changed the fork oil on R bikes unless we had to remove the forks due to mechanical damage from a crash etc. Every so often there would be an R bike with leaking fork seals and almost always it was due to damage to the fork tube causing the seal to leak.


Don't bother with the fork oil on your R bike... like some others said it just lubes the sliders and really does not break down over time.

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BMW's first forever oil.... :/ TBS I just changed out a fork seal and at 74000 miles the oil was clear so I put it back in. Yea shame on me.

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