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Your list? Your faves? What they do or what you do with them? Why they are good? Where do you go to find them? Did you pay, or are they free? What do you think about all the info they gather? Which one is tops on your wish list (that you have not found yet)?


I'll start...


Fave... Google Maps by far. Replaces yellow pages, Urban spoon, etc. Voice nav. (on Android), great routing and great poi. Integrates phone, reviews, navigation to poi's. Lacks speed, tracks, user configurable routing, and downloaded stored maps.


Next Fave... Vlingo voice to text integrated throughout the phone.


Wish list... weather integrated with route, taking consideration of expected arrival time all along the way, and altitude, etc. E.g. put in a route and see your high temp, low temp, any wx alerts, based on your expected travel times.


Others that I use:


Scientific calculator with units conversion, currency conversion, and more.


Facebook for Android.


Google Skymap for fun.


Google translate... way cool, so far just fun, but potentially useful.


GPS Test by Chartcross.


A few games... spades mainly.




Quickoffice (part of the system, but also down loadable I believe) Viewer for pdfs and msword etc.


Weather Channel and WeatherBug


I have, but have never used, some barcode reader/shopper programs from Amazon and Cnet, Kindle reader, a knots guide, a FactBook, the US Constitution (never know when I might into Whip), Epicurious.


I use the calendar and clock that came loaded on the system.




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Swype. Hands down, the biggest reason I could never go back to an iPhone. Once trained (both you and the app), text entry is so much easier and more accurate than any other method, it's not even close.


Android Voice Search. Picks up most things on the first try.


USAA Mobile. Other banks seem to keep playing catchup, but USAA seems to be leading here. Quick, easy access to balances, transactions, car buying service, bill pay, etc.




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