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Trick when removing tank when ur bike has stock fuel linesl


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Passing this on to those that can use this tip -

For those of us with that do not have quick release fuel couplings and sometimes we must remove the fuel tank. Care must be given to the rigid tubing that these fuel lines slip on, don't want to bend these rigid lines and crack them or we got bigger problems.


Here is a trick I used last time I had to pull my tank on my 1100RT.


I play golf and change grips on my clubs every year. When installing new grips there is a solution/solvent of sorts that allows the grip to slip over the sticky double back tape when you install a new grip. I found that if I take a small hypodermic needle and inject some of this grip slip solution under the fuel line and between the rigid line, give the fule line a little twist and the line will slip right off. This will assist in retaining the integrity of the rigid fuel lines that run through the bike.

U can buy this solution at Golfsmith retail stores. Pint bottle is about $5.00.


Good Luck and Safe Riding

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I think I met you yesterday at the Rock Store. Small world. You parked next to my Yellow R1150R. Good thing we rode yesterday before the weather came in. Not good riding weather now to be sure. It snowed in Canyon Country!

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.....For those of us with that do not have quick release fuel couplings and sometimes we must remove the fuel tank.


Hints and tips are always appreciated and no where more than on this site, however I really think the QR's are worth their weight (I was going to say 'in gold' but that would be a little excessive!), for a relatively small outlay for the QR's and high pressure pipe clips, taking that tank off becomes much more appealing. It means that you don't have to worry about plugging the hoses when you do need to get the tank off. It also means you are more likely to get under the tank to do better brake line bleeds, apply anti corrosion treatments and routing in your electrical gizmo's.



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+1 on Noncomps comment. The QDs give you the illusion of convenience until they (almost inevitably) leak or disconnect themselves. I've found a quick injection of WD40 gets them slipping off with ease and I've never had a leak. Once I even forgot to tighten the hose clamps and they still didn't leak a drop over 6K of riding.


Another small convenience when servicing is that the spark plugs you've just removed for replacement plug (pardon the pun please) the open fuel lines perfectly.



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... The QDs give you the illusion of convenience until they (almost inevitably) leak or disconnect themselves.


The fittings have now been improved by making the male portion metal. Also the owner can opt to buy full metal items to the same pattern from the original equipment manufacturer (CPC Colder Products Company). However to your comments, these fasteners if assembled correctly do not disconnect themselves. They are automotive approved and so long as the retaining plunger pings out fully, these units are not coming apart. I do accept that if the units are put together in a heavy handed manner, the o rings can get nicked and potentially there is a leak path, but that is no different to other assembly tasks that require care by the operator.



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It's my understanding that, if the release lever is not positioned carefully, when the tank is reinstalled, you can accidently end up with another line pressing on it, causing a potential problem later. YMMV. I don't find it that big of a deal removing the fuel lines from the header. And it saves some weight.

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Bruce (Bedford)

I’ve been reading with interest as my tank goes back on tomorrow – should I get QRs?

All in all – narrr I’ll not bother.


With all his Brit sense of irony Andy scorns weight saving! When you eventually see what my RT has to carry (ME) - every milligram matters!!!


On a more serious matter, maybe I’ll open a new thread – should I change the fuel filter whilst that tank is off???? It seems a lot of phaff, but then the tank is off and apart from clearing the ‘lounge’ for the daughter’s party I have time… comments?




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How many miles/years since it was last changed? These things do clog up on the road and they are a pain to change at the roadside (as you can well imagine).

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Sorry to bump this old thread back up top but It got me wondering if I'm going to get QRs where do I get the good ones in the UK?





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..... And it saves some weight.


Hahahahahaha...on these lighweight tourers!! :rofl:




Like me when I 'shed' a few pounds w/a Z-Tech exhaust over stock...big difference :grin:


...But seriously I finaly put QD's on this bike, my second oilhead and it is not near half the time/aggravation of removing the tank anymore, I think it's a must.

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I just did the outside fuel filter mod and decided to forgo the QS,the line pulls off the fuel filter easy after clamps are removed and I put a brass inline connector on return with clamps so that side comes off easy to. And yes a spark plug does make a good fuel line plug.

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