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J&M JMCB 2003 With Zumo Integration


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I am in the process of installing the JMCB 2003 BW CB along with the J&M Zumo Integration Terminal (JCB03-CFRG-D) on a 2007 R1200RT. I chose to run the power cable up the right side of the bike to the front fairing, and I installed the audio portion of the harness in the front fairing. The only problem I'm having is choosing the right location for the CFRG integrator box that is on Zumo Integration Terminal. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best location that minimizes electromagnetic interference?

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First of all, welcome to the BMWST board. You'll find a wealth of information available here. You might want to consider posting a "first post" or "new guy" post in the Motorcycle Talk forum above. Now to your question: If your bike does not have a radio, there are two cavities located behind where the speakers would be located. Not sure how big the J&M integrator box is but might fit there. You can access them by partially removing the dash. It pulls away several inches without disconnecting anything exept the attachment screws. Of course this means what ever you put behind the dash will not be readily accessable but that may be ok.

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I did not use an integration box. I simply use the audio out on the Zumo cradle to hook to the J&M unit. I play music or audiobooks on the Zumo and it is picked up and amplified through the J&M. I do not use the phone blue tooth, and only talk to other bikes (no passenger). Pretty simple, but fits my needs. I would be interested in hearing about your hookup when done. I noted that it seemed to be pretty expensive to do (if you were not going to use the extra features).

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Thanks Johnlt. A "first post" or "new guy" post sounds like a good idea. I'll send something out soon. Also, thanks so much for the great idea. I'm also considering a location near the radio box and carbon filter canister, located on the right side of the bike.


Scout, thanks for your input, and I'd be more than happy to post a description of the system and layout once I've completed the installation.


Ride Safe.

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