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True Grit

John Ranalletta

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Danny caddyshack Noonan


Particularly enjoyed the retention of some of the original dialogue and the attention to detail in the clothing and sets...especially the back of the store.

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Yes. A really good movie, and an entirely different movie than the original despite hewing to the same story line. Much as I like John Wayne's movies, I have to say that Bridges was a much more credible character here than the Duke was in the part.


And in the original, Kim Darby's character seemed to be a girl playing at being a grownup, or trying to be one, when she didn't have the necessary maturity. The new "Mattie" was truly old, mature, beyond what her years would reflect and she had trouble getting people to take her seriously until she shoved it down their throats. The scene where she was horse-trading at the stable is a gem, I think.





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I agree, Pilgrim.


In most (all?) movies, The Duke played, well...he played The Duke.


Bridges was a better character actor for the part.


Robert Duvall was a better Ned Pepper, and a better cowboy actor all around.


In the original, I was actually glad to see Glen Campbell get whacked on the head and muss up his hair. Matt Damon does a good job in this one.


I thought the storyline and dialog would have differed more than it does, but I liked this pic better. The last 5 minutes of the pic were a surprise. I liked the view of Maddie as the protagonist.

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