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Happy New Year to All

Les is more

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I would like to wish each and every one of you health and fulfillment in the coming year.


BMWST is still growing and yet still feels like family.


Many thanks to a wonderful moderating team. Thank you for your vigilance and your dedication to this place and its members.


Thanks to our t shirt sellers, UnRally organizers, regional gathering organizers, calendar keepers and each of you who has given of your time to build this community.


Thanks to you, the members here. So many of you have taken ownership of the spirit of BMWST, you participate fully, helping each other, keeping the site alive and lively and watched over.



To those of you who have found value here and kicked in a little geld to help the financial end of things sail smoothly, I am grateful. If you have not received a personal "Thank you" from me, feel free to PM with a virtual swift kick.


Thank you for being here and participating here in a way that makes the site reach beyond its cyberspace limitations. I appreciate it deeply!


Hugs to you all!!



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Thank You!

For keeping this a great place to be and bring family!

And thanks to all the mods and volunteers that keep the place going...

Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New year to Everybody here, especially Les, the Team and Personal Friends, but also to all other participants.


It is great being part of this community and Nina and I wish all of you Happy and Safe Miles in 2011, good health and much happiness!

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Well its just gotten dark on this fist day of the year 2011 and I must say I'ma really looking forward to the next 364 with you folks.



To the Mods that keep this site hummin, to Leslie, David and Cory for the leadership... and to the members and families


Plus... to all the riders of the world<> even the motor that gave me the ticket



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