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I want to learn!


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I spend most days between, solving problems, inevitably inventing

and sitting at the piano. And of course reading about motorcycles.

There are so many super duper smart people on this forum,

I wanted to ask if you could direct me.

I would like to understand HTML, XHTML, Ruby on rails, and

programming in general. Do you know of any preferred forums and

books that might be of an educational introductory nature for

me to start with. Im a beginner and I thought this would be fun

for entertainment purposes. Thanks and happy 2011 to all of you.


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I learned programming some 35+ years ago, so am not the person to direct you anymore ion this modern day and age. But I found that some of the 'Dummy' books were really useful to get me started on some new products and techniques over the years.


I learned HTML (actually, using Dreamweaver) from a book of the series of 'learn ..... xxxx in 24 hours' many years ago and I found it very clear and helpful.



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Have something in mind when you pick up one of the books so the knowledge you gain is applied quickly and not merely a nice to have thing

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You can learn an awful lot of html on your own just by looking at and understanding what people have done on various pages. All browsers will display the html that is behind the pages. You will have to look around to find simple pages to start with. Also all the information you need is available for free on the web. Just google HTML/Ruby/Javascript/CSS/python/php tutorials. I used to own shelves and shelves of computer manuals. Now I get all the information more easily and cheaply with google. When something doesn't work or you can't figure out how to do something, do a web search for it. Someone else has had the same problem. You can subscribe to various forums and ask questions, but usually you can find somewhere that someone else has already asked the same question and gotten an answer.

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