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Happy New Year ! WhoooHOOOO!

Kathy R

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I just want to thank folks here who made my 2010 a richer experience. Many of you have brought me laughter, insightful opinions and wonderful photography.


The little riding that I did get in this past year was enhanced by Apr/May BRR. On my radar for 2011: Torrey, BRR, UNrally....





Happy New Year to YOU!

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A happy, healthy, wonderful New Year to you, Kathy! Hope to see you at one place or another!


P.S. Yesterday was clean roads, temp 30 to 40. I did about 400 miles just to keep the rustiness at bay :thumbsup:

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Here's Dittos to you both and to all who read this post. The Ping on My radar gets closer everyday for the UN Rally. See you all there!


Looks as if I may make a balmy New years ride myself with temp possibly hitting 50 or more!



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George Brown

Best Wishes to everyone for 2011! -- I've ignored you guys for most of Oh-ten - but promise to be more faithful in '11. :)


Planning to make the UN and spring BRR (is the date set for the BRR?)

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