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Wheel fix


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Afternoon gents,

I got my new Pirelli Angel STs in to my dealer yesterday. I had to ride to Los Angeles on Tuesday to bet there for a family members surgery. On my way home on the 15s i hit a HUGE, wide and deep pothole. It kicked me pretty hard, but that happens sometimes, so i didnt think too much of it.

Today, i pull off my rims to go and have my new rubber swapped out, and YIKES, a HUGE dinger in the front wheel. A 3" long smile, or is it a frown?, on the lip of the rim. it is so big that it is not just on the lip of the rim, but also the bead area of the rim is flattened out some.

My question is, Does anyone know of a rim repair shop in the so cal area?


Im sure there will be alot of the "DONT DO IT" guys out there...so as a follow up question, what years and models of bikes will fit my 1996 R1100RT bike with out modifications?

I dont neccesarily care about the 3/5 spoke thing too much if the price was right.


I just cant catch a break lately...i just saved enough money for the tires, next was gonna be a clutch....maybe not.. :eek:

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The 1100 rims are soft and they can be repaired. My rear was straightned for $100 (included mounting and balancing a new tire). I'm nowhere near S. Cal. but look for a company that specializes in mag wheel repairs for cars. They will likely be able to do your rim too.


Remove the tire and look for cracks. If there are cracks on the inside, then it is time to replace the rim.

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Have I got a deal for you, I gots a set of 1100 rims with rubber on them. Such a price, we can argue.


If not, David Moore in Hesperia 760 240 4590


Do not use Dr. John in Orange Co. Charges a very high price for so-so work.

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I did both my rims with a humongous vise & protector jaws on my R1100RT after a pothole strike. I didn't remove the tires - just deflated them. No pictures but the flanges were bent out about 3/16 inch. I used tape to protect the finish. It took a surprising amount a force in the vise.


They didn't require refinishing when done & you can't see where it happened.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I had this fixed by a guy up here in NorCal. The repaired location is visible if you look for it but it beats buying a new rim.



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I spoke to the owner of Buchanans this morning at the Brit ride in Pasadena. They do the solid rims but not BMW spoked rims. They are close but D. Noore may be a closer from Liverslide.

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Afternoon gents,

I got my new Pirelli Angel STs in to my dealer yesterday. I had to ride to Los Angeles on Tuesday

Where did you get your tires? Good price? I need some new rubber in the LA area. Thanks

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I got my Pirelli Angel STs from a little local shop called Temecula Cycles (no affiliation, but highly endorsed) he has to order them since he doesn't stock my size.

I got the 120/70-17 front and the 160/60-18 rear, mounted, balanced and the old ones recycled for $273.00.

That is of course off of the bike. But that was only a couple of minutes of my time. Time I have right now, cash I don't.


NAC, thanks for the input on Buchanans. :)



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Boney, that dinger may be a bit worse than mine but not alot worse.


This holiday crap sucks....i doubt i can get it done till monday now. I had to pick up some friends from LAX today so i couldnt even call anywhere. I spent much of my day in the wonderful world of Los Angeles Traffic.

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My friend who fixes car rims too a look at it today. He is not able to jig motorcycle rims into his wheel press, but he said he could fix it. After locking the rim into his tire changing machine, He heated it up a bit to help prevent it from cracking and then used this crazy shaped pry bar, I think it was home made, but the pivot point hit the center dish of the rim, and the hook part hit the flat spot on the rim. As he put pressure on the pry bar, he hit the lip of the rim with a single jack sledge hammer and the whole bend started rolling back to shape.


Pretty slick pry bar, and he got it really straight. He used a wire contour gauge to check the inner shape and a straight edge to check the lip flatness and the sanded out the scratches and hammer marks and even shot some very close to stock silver paint back over it. As soon as i hit the brakes a few times and some brake dust on the touch up, you wont even be able to see it.

And my tire shop put the tire on and said it barely needed any balance weight at all, so the repair did not even unbalance the rim...


Best of all, the guy wouldn't even take my money, after working on it for 30+ minutes and refinishing it, he wouldn't let me pay him. What goes around comes around my friends. Brian is in for something nice soon.

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I usually do watch out for pot holes pretty well. But this time I was in major traffic that just started getting back up to speed. We were up to 70 mph but still pretty tightly bunched up so the hole popped up quickly and I had no where to go.


I am hoping to get in a ride today. Gorgeous weather here in sunny so cal.

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...I am just afraid of cracking it, then i would have NO options.


Look at it this way: If you bend it back yourself, and break it, do you really want to ride on that wheel anymore?


Having said that, this guy (near Seattle) bent my RSL wheel back into shape. If I'm not mistaken, he can probably weld things back together if need be.

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