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Fastener Supplier???


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Good day to all, I'm looking for an online supplier for black SS machine screws in small quantities - similar to what is used to fasten the tupperware on my RT.


These are going to be used to re-install the Targa fairing/windscreen on my wife's beloved Honda NT650 Hawk. The newly repainted bodywork (after 75K miles) will look sooo much better with some shiny new farkles to hold it in place.





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Don't know if you will black SS but Fastenal is a nation-wide distributor for a very wide variety of fasteners. I use them for most all of my fastener needs for the bikes and the sailboat. I'll bet you can find one close to your location.

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What they said.


I've found all of the items I neede to replace there including specific sizes for the beemer at a fraction of the OEM cost.

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+1 on McMaster-Carr Prices are excellant, and shipping fees very reasonable. Don't look too hard in the catalog, you'll end up buying things you don't need. :grin:

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Not sure if they do black SS but they do a lot of SS in metric sizes. They are reliable and offer quick delivery i've used them a few times.



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