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Aerostich Darien or Motoport Ultra Cordura Light Pants?


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I am looking into either one of these pants. I have heard great things about both companies. It appears that the motoports are a truely custom made set of pants while the aerostich is off the shelf with possible alterations. I like some of the options of the motoport pants like the hip padding and sacrum armor options as well as the liner. It appears that none of this is an option with the Aerostich. On the flip side the motoport pants get to be abit more expensive if I add all the nice options to around $420 vs $279. I do like the fact that the motoports are custom made to my size. I am a pretty big guy around the waste but narrow at the ankles, so finding anything stock has been a challenge. Does anyone have any experience with these pants? I am a bit suprised that the Aerostich pants seem a bit on the basic side, considering all the hype I have heard about them on these forums. Form what I have seen the motoports have alot more going for them for a small difference in price.

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I'd recommend a CONVERSATION with Aerostich folks - you might find they will do more than you think. Given the significant difference in price the investment in a phone call seems reasonable.

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Motoport for more protection. Darien only comes with knee pad. Motoport comes standard with knee+shin and thigh armors with optional hip and sacrum armors.

With standard knee/shin and thigh armors, Motoport is cheaper than Darien at $199. For light pants, standard tri-armor may be sufficient.


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I can't speak for the ultra Cordura, but I sold my 'Stich, in favor of the Motoport air mesh kevlar gear and have never looked back. To me, the Darien (or Roadcrafter for that matter) are not even in the same galaxy as the Motoport.


I buy the best gear that I can possibly afford - and I stretch my limit. For comfort, versatility and crash protection, Motoport is among or is the best available. After a crash, that extra $150 you saved up-front won't go very far in the emergency room.


Just my 2¢.

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So I know this will sound kinda funny (or vain) but is the motoport stuff better looking in person than on their website? I am not doubting the quality but wow, it looks like it was made by someone who just got their first sewing machine and pair of sissors. Big blocky squares, odd contrasts and generally pretty darn plain.


I always thought the Darien and Roadcrafter looked kind of ubber-geek cool at least.....not exactly high fashion for sure but man, in comparison (judging from the photos on the motoport site) the Darien is downright stylish.

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