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The Utah-Arizona Border - Images


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Really beautiful Jan. What wide angle did you use on the first one?


10mm... You can get an exif data plug in for your browser. I am using Opanda. Right click on an image and if the exif data hasn't been stripped off, you will see it. Very cool!

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Tom, These are taken from:


Muley Point, which sits at the top of the Moqui Dugway on UT-261. It's a 5 mile graded dirt road. This time of year you could ride an RT on it. But I would not be surprised to learn that it has sand when dry in summer. The road is marked and heads west from a junction right at the top of the cliff. The misty view is a two shot panorama taken from Muley Point at dawn.


Valley of the Gods. Another marked dirt road. Several web sites describe it if you want to google it. Was freshly graded and graveled. Suitable for a standard clearance vehicle with care. Some steep grades, blind crests, and one water crossing (4" deep this time). I would rate at the extreme end of RT capabilities and recommend it only to the hardiest of RT riders. I would probably pass on it myself, although there is nothing an RT really couldn't handle. The sunset views are from in here.


Monument Valley from US-163, or just off of 163. Next time we'll do the 17 mile loop road, but this time the weather was closing in.



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I'm seeing a change in your photography, Jan. It's always been good, but there's more "soul" in it now. #1 and #2 are especially indicative of that. I mean all this as a compliment!

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Thanks, that's way more than I can handle. I wouldn't try that 1 up on on YOUR bike :)


I'm just in the outline phase of planning, but was going to overnight in Gunnison, then hit Four Corners (just because), then overnight in Kayenta, AZ in route to the Grand Canyon. Would it be worth it to jog north and take 163 through Monument Valley? Doing so might mean skipping the Million Dollar Highway.


Sorry of the hijack.



It's all good, who can pick.


The Million Dollar Highway (MDH) takes you up high, with spectacular mountain views. If you could, stay in Ouray and go up the dirt roads (in a rented jeep).


Monument Valley is of course iconic desert scenery. So far, every time I have been here the weather has been poor. Last time very high winds. This time cold and stormy. There is a 17 miles loop drive and guided tours are available.


I don't know what you've seen before, what your interests are, time constraints, or where you've been before. Are you going to be in a cage or on the bike? We like Mesa Verde if you can take half a day.


MDH is a great ride. MV is straight and flat for the most part.

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Thanks David.


Up until recently my only really good lens was the macro lens, so you tended to see mostly macro shots, and few landscapes. I got the good landscape lens in the spring, and am finally beginning to get the hang of it.


I also picked up the wildlife lens in mid-summer, hence some of that beginning to show up as well. Still very much learning that lens.


Anyway, definitely some different dimensions coming in.

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The pictures with the clouds around the buttes are incredible.


I think that is dust.

Most likely a hybrid driver, probably a Prius, finally lost it and decided to have some irresponsible fun so they headed off road and floored it.



Nice pics, we enjoyed our travel through there and were fortunate enough to have a lingering sunset accompany us.

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