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Recommendations for F650GS accessories


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Just got a 2011 F650GS to replace my older RT. Most of my riding for this bike will be in and around Arizona. At 60, I was looking for something that was more off road capable and a little easier to manuever overall. I do need to outfit the bike for my needs (mostly sport touring) and could use a few suggestions from folks who may have already done these things.


1. The stock windshield is basically like no windshield. Always used Cee Bailey for my RTs, but not sure of the right size for this bike. I'm 6', don't like riding bent over, and want to be able to look over the top of the windshield but still get the maximum wind protection. I've seen a few ads for windshields going from 14" - 20" higher. I haven't tried to figure out which is too much or too little, but maybe one of you know already. Those electric windshields on the RTs were pretty nice. Suggestions?


2. Can't see real well at night and definitely need some additional riding lights. Had some older PIAAs on my RT which were great but its been years since I looked at getting anything new. What are some of the better ones today for night riding - brightness, distance, cost, etc.


3. I do want to add a GPS system - have an older Garmin that is really big in size compared to what is out now and I don't mind upgrading the technology. Any recommendations for a cost efficient GPS - I don't need all the bells and whistles - would probably never figure them out anyway. And are Ram mounts still the best way to go on these bikes?


4. I ordered the BMW hard cases (the boxy ones) which weren't in. I'm sure I can still change my mind if I want. Anyone think there are other hard bags out there for these bikes that are either bigger (a bit) or less costly but still as durable?


5. Tank bag recommendatons?


Any recommendations appreciated.


CC Rider

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Oh, do I have info for you!!!!


Once I'm at a real computer I can help a bunch!!! In the meantime, do a search in the non R/K forum under my name for a huge farkle thread.


Go for something else on the cases!!!! Look up the Givi Trekker series for example. The BMW cases are very heavy and are not very water resistant if used in heavy rain, water crossing environs.

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I'm very happy with the Wunderlich tank bag, and the BMW hard cases. I have a Givi screen, but it's rather noisy. GPS is the Garmin Zumo 660 which is rather large, but comes with RAM mount. For off-road protection I've added the BMW aluminium sump guard and plastic radiator protector. I've also added a Pro-Oiler chain oiler, to keep the chain lubricated when doing long gravel road rides. My main problem with that is the nozzles seem to wear out too quickly, although the latest one seems to be doing better than the previous two.

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Thanks all - haven't been looking at my computer since making my post - been too busy getting in my first 600 mile to get the break in service out of the way so I can go when and where I want!

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I added a ram mount to the mirror stalk for my zumo. You can get the power wire that plugs in to the power plug on the tank.




I also added the narrow Jesse sidecases and pizza box top box




I haven't found a windshield that works for me, but there is a new adjustable model available. Unfortunately, I can't recall the brand. :(

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Windshield; hands down for touring: http://www.madstad.com/s.nl/sc.7/category.1118/.f


I had a RT and this is the only one I would recommend. Not as good as the RT but as good as you are gonna get on the FGS.


I put a center stand on to facilitate spraying on chain wax.(No big deal, takes 2 min.tops)


Tank bag; get a small one as they tend to sag when on the side stand.


Lights; I love Moto lights been using them for 5 years.


I also added engine guards with attached highway pegs for those longer rides. Important for us older guys with stiff joints.


You are going to have to change the seat. I got the Sargent but not real happy with it.


This a great resource; http://www.advrider.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=77

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Just got back from out of town and figured it was time to actually sit down at the computer and get serious about which accessories I really need and am going to buy versus those that can wait. There are so many options and manufacturers that you could spend hours on the computer looking at them and still be indecisive with too much information. I have enough computer sitting at work so its not really something I do for enjoyment. But I needed to bite the bullet and buy what I need so I can be ready for my first multi-day trip on this bike coming up in the next few months.


I decided to start with the windshield first since that just HAD to be changed. Lights next since I can't see a lick on this bike at night. The seat has got to go for the obvious reasons, but (no pun intended), if I didn't have a new one right away, I can probably muddle through. The engine guards and highway pegs are also a very good idea although I never did put pegs on my RTs and always put it off even though I used to really enjoy them on my old Harleys.


Was just about to order a Cee Bailey windshield out of habit (I've had them and liked them on my RTs) and was trying to figure out which height would fit my needs when I remembered to take a look back at this thread (that I began! - talk about memory) to see if there had been any updates which there were! I've gotten out of the habit of checking into this (or any) forum, but with a new bike, I've remembered this forum is a terrific resource for just about all aspects of MCs.


Just ordered my Madstad adjustable 20" windshield, and the rest of the kit. The cost was comparable to Cee Bailey which has a 25% discount if you order by tomorrow. But in looking through the videos etc. and reading all of your comments and one glowing review after another convinced me this is the one I should try. Almost seems too good to be true. It may not be the electric windshields of the RTs, but it looks incredibly functional and hopefully, it has durability.


One question is the wind deflectors that come with the package now - is whether they will interfere with the hand guards I ordered. I'm not really concerned one way or another since they are a throw in as far as I'm concerned, but if anyone has tried this, what have you found.


Will now look at the other recommendations on the other options - in for a penny, in for a pound...


Thanks for the comments.


CC Rider

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The deflectors will not interfere with the hand guards. In riding position, they look like they would but when you turn the bars they clear with room to spare. Make sure you set the deflectors high relative to the plastic fairing or they will rub when you are riding. I put some black auto door edging on mine to counter any such rubbing.


To save You some time, set the windshield level with your moustache and tilted back at the same angle as the front forks. It took me a few hours of trial and error but at this setting the air flow will just barely kiss the top of your helmet and you can ride with the visor up and with no buffeting.

In the summer you can take the deflectors off and lower the windshield to get some air on local rides. I don't take the deflectors off because the RT ruined me as far as any tolerance for buffeting.


Other items you may consider are mirror extenders and bar risers.( the short one unless you want to replace the brake lines). Little things but very beneficial on the highway.


I do a little off pavement riding- fire roads and such. Pretty tame stuff so I really can't give much advise on that kind of gear.

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Thanks there TampaJim. I can imagine it would take some time to get the right setting so this will no doubt save me some time. I did take an early morning ride with the temperatures in the high 30s and my visor kept fogging up which led me to having to lift the visor to see and the eyes tearing and so on - very uncomfortable. But I was on a "vision quest" ride where in my mind there is no turning back once you start so I put up with it (it was actually a ride up to Kitt Peak Observatory outside of Tucson, around 7,000 ft., but very cold - but that was my destination for that morning and I was not going to be denied).


How did you know I had a moustache ?1? (only kidding, but I do with a beard - all quite gray though).


As far as the bar risers, I had thought about that but on the Ride Well thread I had asked how to help my very limited off road skills and mentioned the risers idea.


I got a response from outpost 22 out of Oregon who mentioned instead of risers to look at Fastway Footpegs which you can apparently adjust so your feet are lower on the pegs and get the same effect as raising the handlebars in turns of standing up on the pegs. I looked at this last night while web surfing and they do look interesting. Especially when I thought that the height of the handlebars did seem very comfortable for me and I'd really rather not change them. Also, the foot pegs can be readily adjusted back and forth (I think).



As far as off roading, I'm not looking to be anything other than fairly tame - I'm not really into falling off the bike which is probably unavoidable for off road newbies. My experiences have generally been limited to riding through unpaved alleys in the Chicago area. But I took a 2 week motorcycle tour through southern Tibet with my son a year ago and we spent about 20% of the time off road which gave me a little more confidence. Did fine except when the road turned to deep mud - that was not pretty (my first crash in my riding career, but nothing too serious - it was more like a movie stunt lay down and slide - and if you have to fall, mud is about as good as it gets to fall in). But with the GS, I would like to have enough of a confidence level to comfortably be able to really enjoy riding off road now and then even though I'm sure most of my time will be on pavement.


Anyway, thanks for the tips.



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More gear I have:


Seat: Got a Sargent and sheepskin. It is a vast improvement over stock but still gets uncomfortable after 350 miles. there's got to be something better out there.


Cases: I got Caribou http://cariboucases.com/store/?name=Home

They cost about half as much as the BMW cases and I just don't use them enough to justify the extra expense. Only mount them for trips because (1) they take up too much room in the garage, (2) they make getting on the bike very difficult and (3) the extra wind resistance cuts mileage by 3-4 mpg. I also didn't get a top case because they have always been hard for me to keep organized, I just keep throwing junk in until I can't find anything.. Locally, I make do with a small tank bag and a expandable tail bag (and a few bungee cords for jacket liners etc.)


GPS: I use a Garmin Nuvi 500 with inexpensive RAM mounts pluged into the on-board socket with a 18" powerlet adaptor cord. It has the same specifications as the baby Zumo and the whole rig only set me back $200. Not a lot of fancy extras but it is water proof, shock proof and does a fine job. Like the side cases, only mount it when going on a trip.


Other than the engine guard and recently added hand guards, I don't have any other protective gizmos. It strikes me as prudent to add a protective plate in front of the oil filter as this area looks very exposed. May do that soon.

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