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A wonderful Christmas eve

Paul Mihalka

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For some years now we go visit our son and family for Thanksgiving North of New York city (Nyack) and they visit with us for Christmas. This year I documented it a bit. Participants are my dearest Maria, daughter in law Patricia, son Juan Carlos, younger of the two grandsons Mathias - and me.

Maria is supervising:




Want to join us?




Sitting down for dinner, Mathias, Maria, Patricia. We have for dinner Hallacas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallaca , a traditional Christmas dish from Venezuela, prepared ahead by Patricia




Patricia and Juan Carlos




We lit the fire




And exchanged some simple gifts




And a Happy New Year to all!



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Thank you, Paul, for sharing your family and home. I love your and Maria's style. Merry Christmas and Happy - see you in the - New Year!

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Merry Christmas Paul...


We on the south coast of Oregon (I and a few good friends) spend Christmas Eve with fresh crab caught that morning by the crew of the SEA JAY, we cooked twelve jumbo crabs,than set up a salad bar , spread newspaper on the table and made a mess coupled with laughter and good vibes

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