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Motorcycle manufacturers - past & present


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Hey all,


Somebody I worked with once told me that there was a motorcycle manufacturer (past or present) representing every letter of the alphabet

Lets see if it's true.

Example: B should be super easy = BMW.

There may be more than one manufacturer per letter. We can always come back to a letter to add another manufacturer.


Let me start with:

A = Aprilia


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The list has many letters, bu important brands come to mind:

M Matchless

N Nimbus - NSU

P Pannonia (important to me :) )

V Velocette

Z Zündapp

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Motodan's link is a very incomplete list!

I reckon Paul and I could come up with way more, provided our synapses were firing nicely ;)


Immediately out of the memory banks came :


Francis Barnett



as I had ridden bikes of all four marques.


However, check out THIS LIST of purely BRITISH motorycle manufacturers. Scary innit.... :eek:

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Demm (Eye-talian). Their 4-stroke 50cc was the first bike I ever rode that you had to shift (even if it was a handgrip shifter). We owned one for about a year.

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