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Pirelli Angels


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I finally got around to putting the Pirelli Angel tires on my '09 RT. Wow, what a difference. I have no idea how long these will actually last on the RT, but they certainly make the bike stick to the pavement. As I put more miles on them, I'll try to keep this thread updated. I know there were a few folks who wanted to know about these tires when I asked about them a few months back.



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A friend put those on his Guzzi V11 Sport. Likes them so far also. He's just wearing the Angel off. Rumors are the wear bars look like the devil. Wouldn't that be appropriate and funny.

May your tread last all riding season!

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5600 miles on a set PA so far and looking good. I really like these tires. I've tried alot of different brands and these are the best for me at this point. I ride them quit hard.



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