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Merry Christmas

Gary in Aus

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Seasons Greetings


I wish everyone a safe and happy time.


Spent yesterday on a charter 40 metre historic sailing vessel ,wafting around Port Jackson and a brief sojourn out into the Tasman sea.


Very tiring afternoon eating prawns, lobsters and oysters with a very chilled Reschs DA.


Having Christmas at home by the beach and going up to farm after Boxing Day for some construction therapy.


Today a balmy 28.5 degree C and anticipating similar weather for the Christmas /New Year break , though could be some rain , which is okay as the sound of it hitting the iron roof of the verandah at the farm is very sophorific plus it helps settle the dust.


Have had a very wet start to summer which while causing some problems also replenishes the land and we can look forward to some good production years before the drought cycle starts again.


Take care , nothing to excess and be thankful for what we have.

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Glad to see someone still says Merry Christmas.

Here in diversity rich California, it's seldom heard, seen or mentioned. If said, one is extremely cautious to whom it is being said to. Say it to the wrong person and you could be the defendant in a discrimination lawsuit.

Santas, reindeer, snowmen and brightly lit trees are everywhere however.

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Merry Christmas to Gary and Merry Christmas to all!


Anecdote: Back in 198x I had my first job in a motorcycle shop. This time of year when a customer was leaving, I always wished them a Merry Christmas. One guy looked at me real nasty and said: I DON'T BELIEVE IN CHRISTMAS! I: Oh, I'm sorry, than don't have a Merry Christmas...

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Cheers Gary,


Will be doing the opposite of you, chrissy in town then back out t' farm after.


Looking forward to it all and have promised not to over do it.

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